zoom Twinsie cholos. My ❤️X❤️. #RRSfeed #BVMO #ratchous (at Sloane)

Twinsie cholos. My ❤️X❤️. #RRSfeed #BVMO #ratchous (at Sloane)

❤️ come down. (at Hot 92.3 Art Laboe Block Party)

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zoom New trio on the block. “HOT…92 jaaaaaaamz”  (at The Forum)

New trio on the block. “HOT…92 jaaaaaaamz” (at The Forum)

zoom Tonight at @wolfandcranebar, @devilspiesoul is having myself and @joekay [of @soulection] alongside residents @djphatrick @djseano! And of course it’s not a classic Devil’s Pie without the record booth by @waxaddictla. Ya hearrrrrrrrd.

Tonight at @wolfandcranebar, @devilspiesoul is having myself and @joekay [of @soulection] alongside residents @djphatrick @djseano! And of course it’s not a classic Devil’s Pie without the record booth by @waxaddictla. Ya hearrrrrrrrd.

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Learn more about Silent Selector mix series @ melloworange.com

Get to know: mixcrate.com/livinproof // twitter.com/livinproof #silentselector

"I first got introduced to the funk while attending college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I’d hit up the local record store every week, and my homie who worked there would put me on to the classics: James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, The Meters, Sly & The Family Stone, Funkadelic, etc. I really got into it, and eventually, ended up hosting my own radio show dedicated to classic funk, soul, and hip-hop. It wasn’t until after college that I started getting into post-disco and early 80’s r&b, or "boogie." The sounds that came out of that era were the building blocks of hip-hop, electro, and house as we know it, so I think it was a natural progression for me to start digging the roots of the music I loved.

It’s no secret that I’ve been heavy in the boogie zone for the past several years now. As a member of Sweater Funk, San Francisco’s weekly dance party dedicated to top shelf boogie funk, steppers, and modern soul on original vinyl, I’m constantly digging for undiscovered gems. Sweater Funk is like church… I go to get inspired, hangout with friends, and even catch the spirit on the dance floor. But instead of praying, we geek out to records! It’s guaranteed that someone from the crew (there’s 13 of us, by the way) will play a heater, and everyone will just freak out! It’s kinda silly, but you just have to go and experience it. For those who don’t know, Sweater Funk goes down every Sunday night at The Knockout in Outer Mission… Shameless plug, had to do it!

When Mellow Orange asked me to put this mix together, I decided to focus on new music coming out of the modern funk scene… This mix features some of my favorites: Dam-Funk, Onra, Amalia, Max Kane & Teeko, The Pendletons, XL Middleton, and Sweater Funk’s own K-Maxx. I even threw in some future soul joints for good measure. :-) Shout out to independent labels like PPU, Omega Supreme, Mo Funk, Voltaire Records, Sound Boutique, and Cherries Records who are devoted to releasing new modern funk & r&b music on vinyl (and even cassette!) If you dig what you hear, join the movement by supporting these artists, labels, record shops, your local music scene, and help keep the funk alive. Props to Yusai for giving me the opportunity to share with y’all… Thanks for listening and stay mellow!” ~ Proof

Track List:
Loose Shus “Ladies” (Voltaire Records)
Seven Davis Jr. “Word” (Izwid)
Dam-Funk “Cut It Out f. Hollyweerd, Rozzie Dame & Grip Plyaz” (White)
Toro y Moi “Day One (Freddie Joachim Remix)” (Carpark Records)
Denitia and Sene “Casanova” (Input Records)
Max Kane “Out Of My Mind feat. Zacky Force Funk & Teeko” (Uncut)
Onra “Long Distance (feat. Olivier Day Soul)” (All City Dublin)
Bus Crates 16 Bit Ensemble “In Gear” (Omega Supreme Records)
Plaza “Midnite Ocean Rendezvous” (Sound Boutique)
XL Middleton + Eddy Funkster “Press Play” (Mo Funk)
The Pendletons “Let Me Turn You On feat. K.Maxx” (Slepton Records)
Kon “Don’tcha Wanna feat. Georg Levin” (BBE Records)
The Internet “Dontcha” (Odd Future)
Social Lovers “So Right” (Cherries Records)
Psychic Mirrors “Midnight Special” (PPU)

#Xochigirl, they ain’t got nuffin’ on you.

xochigirl.tumblr.com for throwbacks.

zoom From last night at @mom_la. Good vibes, LA ❤🔊 ❤

From last night at @mom_la. Good vibes, LA ❤🔊 ❤

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NEW MIX! Lost in Transmission

Heavy bass hitters for those slow connections.

This mix is dedicated to the nuances of our human interaction that are lost in the wire. The missed tone of voice, the missed sarcasm, the missed body language, the misunderstandings, the bad connections. Oh…the bad connections.

s/o @djdstrukt on the cover art & post-production.

DL link hea.

Tracklisting hea: mixcrate

Lost in Transmission mix dropping tomorrow at noon! #Lostintransmission

Stay up:
soundcloud/mixcrate //raichous

04.14.14 Motown On Mondays/LA with Ohmega Watts!

I’m so excited to get down with my LA fam DJ Phatrick & DJ Jedi (MOM) alongside other super duper special guest, the homie Ohmega Watts tomorrow!

zoom Dropping a new mix next week! Stay up, it’s been a minute. 

In the meanwhile, I’ll be Lost in Transmission.

Dropping a new mix next week! Stay up, it’s been a minute.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be Lost in Transmission.

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REPOST for you downloading pleasure: Because she never gets old

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My friends have impeccable taste and talent! Peep the steez.


A quick & dirty EP honoring the legendary J DILLA.

01 Better Man
02 Dreamcatcher
03 Jelly Roll
04 Sunshine

Produced by QUESTION of Mellow Orange.

FREE DOWNLOAD http://www.analoguestudies.com

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DJ Center - The Making of “Dem Say Ah” featuring Akoya Afrobeat

Check out the homie Center. Love everything about this!

(Source: vimeo.com)

that being said, we give you: Heartbeat

Hundreds of years ago when grass began to grow on the hillsides and unicorns walked the various realms of the universe with dudes and chicks, the masters of all things funky summoned from the 5 corners of the planets, individuals, to take their wisdom, knowledge, dance moves, record players and records far into the future and show them to humanity and FOR GOODNESS SAKES let the people have what they have always wanted.

Well we are finally here. And we have tons of records and record players to use and we are setting them up on April 11th for a night of the dance music so funky the likes of it has never ever been played inside of a space with 4 walls surrounding it.

This night shall be called none other than…..Heartbeat. If you like this night of dancing we would be more than happy to do this for you once a month at the following location:

Friends and Lovers
641 Classon Ave (between Dean & Bergen)
Crown Heights
Friday April 11th.
11:30 pm - 4:00 am

This bar, Friends & Lovers, is fucking awesome. It’s brand new. Big dancefloor. It’s on Classon Ave just south of Atlantic Ave on the east side of the street. oh and….

IT’S FREE… The party formerly known as getBKfunk has a new home with all the same homies. ROLL CALL!

Batting first it’s….

Slimmy Jimmy aka The Gratutitous One in Pajamas…..

we got….

DJ Raichous aka The party Funktoptyryx….


DJ Kamui aka The 4-Handed Garage Door Bandit….

I can’t forget…..

DJ Oneman aka The Dude Who Sleeps Every Night In A Hot Air Balloon….

and finally…..

Super Dave….aka Grandpappy Ice Pop the bastard whose birthday it is on April 7th but being celebrated on this grandiose evening of funky dance music.

Please put the checkbook down you don’t gotta get me shit. But come out and support this crew if you can. We are just 5 tadpoles swimming in a sea of funky people trying to make our families happy and do this party once a month. By coming out for this night you will help make that happen…

Graciously yours,

The Heartbeat Crew